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Claude VonStroke in conversation with Eats Everything: "We don't do this job to be serious"

A quick chat with the Dirtybird and Edible label heads

  • Harrison Williams
  • 28 March 2017
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You sent in a lot of demos for a long time at the start and I even missed out on 'Entrance Song' because Voitek from Catz 'N Dogz was faster than me at the time. Did you ever get frustrated in the beginning?

I sent in A LOT of demos, but never got frustrated because yours was the team I wanted to be on. I loved everything about the vibe of the label, the ethos, the music and most importantly the people on the label. The advice you gave me helped massively and I think it's better to be pushed as you search harder in the music you make.

Dirtybird was one of your first labels and you even played a lot of b2b shows with Justin Martin. How important was it back then to be part of a crew?

It was amazing and the best times are with the DB gang. The crew dynamic is just so positive and fun. At the end of the day, we don't do this job to be serious. We do it to have fun and Dirtybird are the best at it!

You were based in Bristol, UK. What made you seek us out, an oddball label in SF?

I love the music. I was a big fan of yourself, Justin, Jess, Worthy, Christian, Ardalan and the music that you guys were putting out fitted me perfectly. I knew I would be part of the gang, I just had to deliver the goods.

After Dirtybird and Pets, you ventured out on your own and found great success with your own brand Edible Records. Did you find that difficult to start up or did it come naturally?

I have a great team of people, all old friends who we now all work together and it just seemed like a natural progression. I've known one of my managers since I was 16 and the other since I was in early 20s so we have grown up in this business together. The guy that I run the label with is Nick Harris and he ran NRK, a hugely successful UK underground label. He knows exactly what he's doing. It's a very exciting time, man!

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