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Celebrating Black History: The women who shaped dance music

From r'n'b to disco, funk and house

  • David McGraw
  • 14 February 2017

Underground music was built on love, unity, respect, and inclusivity. Mixmag is celebrating Black History Month by honoring electronic music's most cherished and revered artists who embraced these founding values. Last week we showcased the heroes of Detroit techno and this week we turn our attention to females who guided the dance music scene during it's formative years.

Because of their often overlooked contributions, it’s especially important to make note of female industry voices during our Black History Month article series. Since the beginning of modern dance music, women have played important roles in many facets of nightclub culture, from the music business to the music itself.

Below is a list of important women in dance music from the early days of disco to the modern era.

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