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Carl Cox on Ibiza 2017: "I'm going in there to rip it up like I used to"

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  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 1 March 2017
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First things first, why are you going back to Ibiza to throw these parties?

For me, my spiritual home of the island has gone and I have to find a new spiritual home to continue me being back on the island. It was never a question of me leaving the island, it was always about what do I do next based on what I did myself to create a home for Carl Cox and my music.

I’m only playing Privilege two times, possibly three times this year so I’m not even doing a residency there as such.

Do you think that will continue for future years?

I’m going to see how this goes. I’m only putting my toes in the water to see how lukewarm it is, how warm it is or how hot it is. So if it looks like those two dates really work well and it looks like people are very happy for me to be in that club, I will probably look to maybe continue that into the future.

Why Privilege?

I think there really has not been a defined night driven by a DJ.

They tried to do a DJ-orientated night with Tiësto who lasted, I think, maybe two to three years maximum on his Monday night attempt, to the point that he doesn’t even go to the island anymore. He decided he wasn’t good enough and he’s gone to Vegas for a residency.

All we’re looking for is the amount of people who used to go to Space on a Tuesday night which is between 6-8000 people and we’re looking for 6-8000 people to go to my night when I go to play there. We’re not even looking to fill that club.

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