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Review: Carl Cox went b2b with The Martinez Brothers at an open air in Ibiza and it was brilliant

Coxy was celebrating two banging nights at Privilege

  • Words: Johnny Lee | Image: Phrank
  • 24 July 2017
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1 Rampa 'Bimma'

We head uphill to the Seal Pit. This is the area of the venue showcased in most of the Zoo Project press photos we get to see online, but it’s actually one of the smallest parts of the venue.

2 Lessons 'Tempest' (Adam Port Europa remix)

Influential Austrian DJ/producer Philipp Straub is dropping delicate tech melodies from the swimming pool booth, while a few hundred clubbers dance around on the steep amphitheatre steps that surround a small, curved dancefloor, saturated with sunshine.

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