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Cover Mix

The Cover Mix: Caribou

Solid grooves from Caribou

  • Mixmag crew
  • 17 February 2020

Created especially for Mixmag, your exclusive Caribou mix features artists and styles from many continents, times and genres, all bound together by their warmth, melody, emotion and groove.

1. Totó La Momposina Y Sus Tambores ‘Curura’
2. Antonio Sanches ‘Pinta Manta’
3. KH ‘So Sick’
4. Anthony Naples ‘Lucy’s’
5. Lxury ‘Joy TV’
6. Unique 3 ‘Weight For The Bass’ (3 Ton mix)
7. Donald Byrd ‘Loving You’ (Daphni edit)
8. The Eagles Lupopo 77 ‘Mrembo Pesa’ (Daphni edit)
9. Morgan Reno ‘Well Well’
10. Sunrise Society ‘Astral Travel’ (Sterac remix)
11. Shanti Celeste ‘Sesame’
12. Muyei Power ‘Wali Bena’ (Daphni edit)
13. Salena Jones ‘I’ve Got The Blues’
14. Jorge Ben ‘Taj Mahal’

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