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Dirtybird Campout proves the label has more fun than anyone else in dance music

Dirtybird players are having more fun than you

  • Words: Carré Orenstein / Photos: Jamie Rosenberg
  • 6 October 2015
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One stage at a time

Time to recognize that this is the model to duplicate. No conflicting set times, no running around from stage to stage and it really was easy to find friends if they all got split up. The only migration for the music was from the main Birdhouse at 2am to the late night/early morning stage.

It's unreal how much longer people can last with less running around. Lounging on the dance floor became a thing, because why not? There's nothing wrong with a little chair-raving if it keeps the crowd on-point for another ten hours. Remember kids, a camping festival is a marathon not a sprint.

They're having more fun than you

Let's not forget, the people having the most fun at the festival were the Dirtybird Players themselves. The bossman Claude VonStroke handpicked a squad to put all others to shame and his emotions surfaced during sunrise on Saturday morning with a sincere little cry surrounded by his loyal fans and family. He'd finally done it.

At the end of the three-days, all the camper-weirdos came out in full form to get low to the closing back-to-back set from the Players and friends. It ended in a 'pick up your trash' PSA from Claude, and just like that camp Dirtybird 2015 was over.

Side note: Mixmag is still unsure whether or not Claude ever changed his camp outfit over the course of the weekend.

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