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Byron The Aquarius is the jazz house virtuoso making an Impact

The Alabama native makes house music by following his heart

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 23 February 2017
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You’re an incredible jazz pianist by trade, when did you start learning to DJ?

I will always say about two years or a year-and-a-half ago ‘cos I started as a musician, then producing. But when I was in Atlanta and floating around I was kicking it watching DJs all the time so I think nowadays it’s really about good taste in music and I think I already kind of had the ears for a good taste of music. It’s kind of just coordinating it and putting it together. Kind of like art, that’s how I look at it. When a person is playing I think it’s like a painting: you’re trying to make the listener go through a journey and take them through a journey of the person [who] painted it on a canvas.

How was your first overseas tour last year?

Oh man, it was a great experience and not only that, but the point that I’d never went overseas before. So it was a huge impact. I made a sacrifice too at the same time because I was dealing with the police force and then I end up leaving that to do the music so in a way it was worth it, it was a sacrifice but it was worth it. I felt like overseas, the Europeans, people kind of appreciate the music a bit more. There’s more of an appreciation and loving it and partying and having fun.

Tell us about your impact mix

I played stuff that gives me inspiration. Tracks and music that I like and music that kind of gets my day moving forward or music that I ride in the car to. I started from playing house music, deep house and also playing some fusion records, some jazz-fusion records and Gil Scott Heron. I started with an atmosphere type of sound and the stuff that I listen to. I was more trying to take the person on a journey.

Louis Anderson-Rich is Mixmag's Digital Intern. Follow him on Twitter

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