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5 of the best studio headphones

Accurate cans are an essential. From budget to blowout, these five have got you covered

  • Gavin Herlihy
  • 30 April 2020

Audeze LCD-1

Audeze’s flagship LCD-4s will set you back nearly four grand but their more reasonably priced LCD-1s have been a hit with pros. Reveal software maps your ear and contains mappings for several famous studios so you can mimic the listening position of an iconic studio control room.

£399, audeze.com

AKG K872/K712 PRO

AKG is another maker favoured by many mix and mastering engineers. The K872s sit at the luxury end with off-the-chart specs and build quality. The K712 PROs are aimed at the mid-price market and are revered for their low end reproduction by producers on a budget.

£825/185, akg.com

Sennheiser HD650/HD800S

The latest isn’t always the greatest, and much as HD25s are industry standard in the booth, Sennheiser’s HD650s have a similar rep in the studio. The HD800S has more spacious ear cups and premium audio and build quality, with a price tag to match.£399.99/

£1399.99, sennheiser.com

Focal Listen/Hear Pro

Two price points for two different sets of needs from a company with a rep for excellence in monitors and high-end hifi. If you’re on a budget, the Listen Pros are exceptionally good value. If you’re a pro or an engineer the Hear Pro is for you; both are lightweight and comfy.

£165 /£999, focal.com

Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro

Beyerdynamic’s DT 770/880/990 Pro range were studio staples in the 80s and 90s. All three updates feature fans’ requested updates. The open-back 1990s are for production not recording (go for closed-back, bass boosted 1770s) and have DT’s comfy earcup design.

£369, global.beyerdynamic.com

Gavin Herlihy is Mixmag's Tech Editor, follow him on Twitter

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