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B.Traits on how her Paleo diet keeps her fit on tour and in the studio

"It makes me feel stronger as a human being"

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 6 March 2017
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Also referred to as the “caveman diet”, being Paleo consists of only eating foods consumed by primitive, Paleolithic humans, and cutting out processed fare, such as grains and lentils. Adopting a diet closely aligned with these limitations has had a life-changing impact on B.Traits.

“It completely changed the way that my body was able to burn energy, so I could have almost zero sleep and still run at full brain capacity and not get tired which was amazing for me,” she says. No longer struggling with this debilitating health issue, B.Traits’ career has been given the strength to flourish, whether that’s on the road, in the studio, or on Radio 1, where she holds an esteemed Friday night residency. “It makes me feel stronger as a human being and able to tackle things on a daily basis better,” she says.

If she slips up the effects tell. “Sometimes I'll be feeling pretty good and think I could eat a bowl of pasta. Then the next day, the way that my body feels and reacts to it is like having a hangover from grain. I feel really sluggish and like I've had a bunch of alcohol. It's really strange,” she reveals.

At the same time, finding a balance is important, and she is able to loosen up while on tour every now and then, adding that: “As well as having a strict diet I do believe in living life and enjoying it so if I fancy a drink then I'm not going to beat myself up about it.” Usually one glass of Patrón on the rocks with fresh lime is enough to last an entire set.

Beyond watching her diet, exercise and meditation are integral factors in combating the toll of touring, which has caused B.Traits to suffer from anxiety at times. “It feels weird to even talk about this kind of thing because most people would be like, you have a fucking dream job and you get to travel around and play music to people, but it can be really, really lonely if you're travelling by yourself,” she says. “When you're in this perpetual state of party-mode, which is what a lot of DJs are in, it can be difficult to take a break for a moment and just let your mind rest.”

“As soon as I start feeling anxious, meditation is the first thing that I try because it can calm me down really fast,” she continues, adding that hotel room yoga sessions and 40 minute “disco naps” are also necessary for resting her mind. Having these short breaks through the day is crucial in making her life as a touring DJ sustainable since, as B.Traits tells us, “you can't always be strict with what time you're going to bed!”

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