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August: 22 techno releases you need to hear this month

Heavy-hitters from the likes of Gemini Voice Archive, Kobosil and GOG

  • Marcus Barnes
  • 4 August 2017

Album of the month

Gemini Voice Archive 'Paradoxical Chronicles' (Soma)

Serious techno from shadowy duo Gemini Voice Archive, who deliver this stunning range of deep, cosmic material to the legendary Soma Records. As soon as the muted tones of ‘Zero Curviture’ are unveiled, you know it’s going to be a special LP: the order of tracks makes it feel like a ‘set’, with the pace quickening by track four, ‘Framauro’s Plains’, a frantic workout with an urgent energy. Things get ethereal two tracks later with ‘Traces Of Chromaticity’, its smooth pads and synth work drifting over you like waves of soothing electricity, before the mysterious ‘Singularity’ takes us on a trip deep inside ourselves. The combination of crisp production, inventive ideas and a wholly immersive atmosphere makes this a winner.


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