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Artists turned the Kraftwerk power plant into a stunning audio-visual installation

SKALAR brought together sound, colour and emotion

  • Words: Daniel Melfi | Photo: Ralph Larmann
  • 26 March 2018

In combination with the long-running, always adventurous CTM Festival, German light artist Christopher Bauder and musician David Letellier – aka Kangding Ray –teamed up to “visualise emotions through light and electronic music” last month, taking over Berlin’s Kraftwerk, an immense former power plant, with a stunning installation.

SKALAR, which was on display from January 27 until February 25, consisted of 65 moving mirrors, 90 moving lights and a mathematically synchronised, multi-channel sound system. Rooted in the vector mathematics often associated with sound and geometry, Bauder and Letellier explored eight human moods to give the audience a synaesthesia-like combination of colour, sound and emotion.

As an artist, Bauder last entered the Kraftwerk alongside collaborator Robert Henke, while Letellier, also a former architect, has been crafting aggressive yet informed techno music on labels like Raster-Noton for over a decade.

Check a selection of photos from SKALAR below.

To see what the Kraftwerk power plant looks like empty, head here

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