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April: Six artists you need to check out this month

April jewels

  • Words: Patrick Hinton, Charlie Case, Will Simpson, Katie Thomas, Michael Lawson, Sean Griffiths | Photography: Will Robson-Scott, Rachel Israela, Maria Uzor, Olivia Locher, Masha Demianova
  • 29 March 2018

Jimothy Lacoste

Jimothy Lacoste is a young rapper and producer who extols the virtues of healthy eating and wholesome hobbies: an unlikely subject for a teen icon, but intrigue over his idiosyncratic style is seeing his fanbase grow. There’s an irresistible quality to his smooth, iPad-produced beats, casual delivery and the playful charm of his videos. Hundreds were turned away from a recent gig in East London, and the energy inside was explosive. Jimothy mania is peaking.

'Subway System' is out now

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