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April: 22 techno releases you need to hear this month

Choose life. Choose techno.

  • Marcus Barnes
  • 31 March 2017

Album of the month

Florian Meindl 'Time Illusion' (Flash)

We live in a chaotic world, one which the powers-that-be are constantly trying to control. On this album, it feels as though Florian Meindl has captured some of that chaos and distilled it through a techno filter. Analogue bleeps collide with synth lines, while rumbling bass tones wiggle and vibrate under acid licks. It’s all under control – just. Tracks such as ‘Andromeda’, for example, feel apocalyptic to a certain extent, though just kept on a leash enough so as not to frighten you off completely. ‘Space Traveller’, meanwhile, takes things down a tad with a nod to the breakbeat era, while the likes of ‘Colorful Cage’ transmit pure emotion. The album is unified by its polished yet gravelly aesthetic, with each track a chapter in the much bigger story. Serious.


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