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Anastasia Kristensen's high-octane techno is making an Impact

The Russian-born, Copenhagen-based artist turns in a riotous mix

  • Words: Patrick Hinton | Photography: Morten Bentzon
  • 27 April 2017
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The political landscape in the US is disturbing currently. At times like this it can feel like the underground is needed more than ever. How did you find the mood of the country, and the atmosphere within clubs?

I spent a few days in the cities I played in and had a chance to hang out with promoters and their friends, which definitely gave me a better idea of the current mood in their social circles. From my perspective, I saw people who were pulling their best strengths to try and do the best they can on an individual and small-collective level. Life goes on - falling out of it completely will not change anything for the better. In terms of clubs, those spaces already celebrate marginalised communities and at times these spaces are very illegal. The appreciation and magic of the space itself is already present, whatever precedent (or President) there may be during that time.

Any particular moments from the tour that stand out as highlights?

I would say: Drinks are strong in New York; I became a fan of salty caramel ice cream in Los Angeles; I love Canada and I probably could live there in the future; reconnecting with people I already knew and meeting a whole bunch of new likeminded individuals. Damn, how lucky am I to be experiencing all this?

In your Truants interview you said you’re cautious about recording clubs sets because it’s all about being in that moment. How does your Impact mix differ in style to how you’d play in a club?

I always strive for a narrative flow in my podcasts, whereas at a club night the mood can change on a whim depending on a veritable amount of factors, be it the crowd, the time of the set, the artist playing before or after me. All these intangibles lead to some interesting and unpredictable moments.

This Impact mix contains a carefully considered approach to each selection, woven together to a flow that's equal parts high-voltage, yet slightly deranged in its nature. Some of the selections are what I've been playing during my most recent dates in North America and Europe.

You can catch Anastasia Kristensen DJing in Copenhagen this weekend, at Culture Box on Friday alongside Volvox and a b2b with Ctrls at Club T-Rex on Saturday

Patrick Hinton is Mixmag's Digital Staff Writer, follow him on Twitter

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Juniper - Indigo Children, meandyou
Jeffrey Boomhauer - Oenothera, Missisippi Landscapes
Pal+ - The Hentai Cut, One Eyed Jack
Spartak - Double Dub, Perc Trax
Inverspace - Linear (Jackson Ryland DC Warehouse Edit), Unreleased
Anastasia Kristensen - Unreleased
Løt.te - Ausnahmezustand, upcoming New York Trax 05
Ø - Röntgen, Sähkö Recordings
CTRLS - Unreleased
Freddy K - Devo Andare (Original Mix 1997), upcoming Key Vinyl
RAC - 555, Nucleus
Ascendant Masters - Put The Bassdrum On (Mix 1), F**k Off Records UK

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