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Anastasia Kristensen gets maximum results from a minimal studio set-up

Anastasia Kristensen's remix of ‘Tiresias’ by Special Request is out now on Houndstooth

  • Interview: Gavin Herlihy | Photo: julia spicina
  • 10 December 2018

What inspired the remix and how did it begin?

Before I started working on the remix, I looked up the word ‘Tiresias’. In Greek mythology ‘Tiresias’ was a blind prophet who turned into a woman. So I got the idea of a transformation from one person into another, which is expressed by slowly adding new details to the track. Additionally, I wanted to explore all sorts of textures: rich and dazzling, but also harmonic and deep, while introducing entirely new melodies and structure.

How did you finish it and what instruments did you use?

I used my LXR drum machine to create that clear percussion. Normally I programme a pattern and record it, but this time I created the kick from scratch. For everything else, I use Ableton Live. The Valhalla DSO plugin series helps me to balance the ambience and delays. It definitely was a step-by-step process, which started with me deciding which part from the remix I wanted to work around. I chose to keep some of the spaced percussion and ambient melodies as I felt it was enough to play around with but would leave space for my own sound design, too. Once the remix was finished I went for an evening walk, and listened to it again. It resonated with me immediately, so I submitted it right away to Houndstooth.

The Anastasia Kristensen rework of Special Request’s ‘Tiresias’ is out now on Houndstooth

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