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Acc-sesh-ories: The Sesh has inspired a dance music fashion movement

Wear your sesh on your sleeve

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 4 October 2017

Fashion has always been used to indicate social cues. Goths slap on black lippy and stick metal studs into everything; EDM fans wrap enough glow sticks around their extremities to cause permanent retinal damage; punks show they're all nonconformists by fashioning pointy orange mohawks atop their skulls; techno heads hold up crucifixes to uncool colour with a strict black-only code. Subcultures always have a defined look that aligns with their identity and tells the world who they are.

Running through all of dance music’s essentially different but parallel tribes, from the house purists to the junglists, there’s a kind of Jekyll & Hyde split. There are the accepted truisms of each scene: it’s about coming together to chase a feeling, connecting with a vibe, peace and love, unity and respect. This is ostensibly facilitated by the music, but feelings are just chemical reactions, and intoxicants play their fair share in many people's’ experience. When taken to extremes, this becomes the phenomenon known affectionately as ‘The Sesh’, where any virtuous facets are lost among a cloud of ruinous behaviour.

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