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8 reissue labels you need to know about

Essential blasts from the past

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 23 September 2016

Let’s face it; the rise of the internet has made us all music-guzzling, YouTube-devouring B-side fiends intent on one-upping each other with the deepest cuts.

Rare records are all over Discogs and eBay for four-figure prices, with the vinyl revival at a 28-year high. You only have to witness the obligatory online price bump to anything played in a Motor City Drum Ensemble set to see it’s serious business.

That environment has helped breed the re-issue game to what it is today; a world of ultimate record nerds who want to share hidden gems with a new generation without breaking the bank.

Floating Points is the latest name to dip his toes in the rarities pool. His first release on Eglo sub-label Melodies a trio of 7-inches complete with fanzine and featuring the longingly funky ‘You’re a Melody’ by Aged In Harmony.

But with these labels we’re not talking about the majors that re-release Bon Jovi for a cash grab; these are the best in the business at breathing new life into long sought rarities.

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