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5 of the best new sequencers

Meet the next generation

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 1 September 2017
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3 Transistor Sounds Lab Stepper Acid

Born out of frustration with the TB 303’s difficult method of programming, this digitally controlled modular sequencer is a breeze to use. You can add slides, accents and gates and it works well live thanks to a pattern storage system, detach (for cuing up the next pattern), nudge button and mini keyboard.

£289, Matttechmodular.co.uk

4 Analogue Solutions Megacity

Inspired by the ‘tears in the rain’ scene at the end of Blade Runner, the Megacity is a thing of sequencing beauty. Cascading green lights indicate the progress of its two channels of 32 step sequences. With no menus, it promises “seamless DAW integration” plus midi and CV/gate connectivity.

£898, analoguesolutions.com/megacity

5 Arturia Beatstep Pro: Black Edition

The original Beatstep Pro hit shops in 2015 and immediately established itself as the sequencer for producers after as much bang for their buck as possible. It crams a lot into a relatively cheap device and its CV/gate, USB, din/sync or midi connectivity options work with old hardware or new.

£249, https://www.arturia.com/

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