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5 of the best new bass synths

Where would we be without bass? Five new machines are here to ensure we never find out

  • 30 November 2017
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3 Roland Boutique SH01A

The Roland SH-101 is another titan of 90s basslines. One of the simplest synths to program, its sound was punchy but it had limitations. The SH01A brings it up to speed with a digital engine modelling analogue circuitry. Its ribbon touchpads, sequencer and arpegiattor are set in a sturdy metal chassis.

£349, www.roland.com

4 Behringer D

Moog recently released a new version of the Minimoog Model D, the machine that started it all for home synthesis and the keyboard used for the bassline in ‘Thriller’. The snag? It’s £3,500. Behringer’s stepped in with a cheaper alternative that clones the original’s chips but houses its analogue circuits in a Eurorack-friendly model.

£225, www.sweetwater.com

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