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26 photos capturing the blissful essence of San Francisco's '90s rave scene

Bay Area beginnings

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 19 June 2018

Before the first big dot-com boom and the tech invasion that would follow, San Fransisco was a city that was known for its tie-dye tees, freewheeling rock and disco, LSD operations and progressive opinions. Following the UK's Summer of Love in 1989, a wave of young Brits - hungry for adventure and eager to take advantage of the city's encouragement of off-kilter schemes - would make their way to San Fransisco. Bringing their music and acid-inspired ideas with them, San Fransisco was quick to establish itself as the West Coast's epicenter for hedonistic rave culture back in the early '90s.

Pioneering Bay Area events such as Wicked's Full Moon Party, Funky Techno Tribe and Pacific Sound System were the building blocks for world-famous events such as Burning Man and gave way to the ritualistic, psychedelic and kandi-coated rave scene that can still be found throughout the West Coast today.

Check out 28 photos of San Fransisco's loving and blissful '90s rave scene below.

Cover photo by: Jason Walker

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