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15 dance music films you should probably watch

If you get bored this weekend...

  • Rebecca Frankland and Mixmag Staff
  • 22 May 2015
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10 Part Of The Weekend Never Dies

Soulwax's tour movie is a cut 'n paste job just like the DJ sets of the band's spin-off, 2manydjs. Footage flies past with strobe-like intensity, mashing together places, people and various funny situations which range from the chuckle-inducing to the totally surreal. Perhaps more noteworthy for its format than its content, Part Of The Weekend Never dies is a lively, 100mph portrait of brothers David and Stephen Dewaele and their musical project that ruled indie disco for a long time in the 00s.

11 Don't Think

The concert film captures on camera what so many dance music enthusiasts have been enjoying for over twenty years across the world. Don't Think documents The Chemical Brothers' appearance at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan in 2011, with 21 cameras recording the mind-boggling audiovisual live show. The film is every bit as spine-tingling as the same titled album, and the immersive psychedelic screen visuals take viewers on a journey supported by some of the duo's greatest hits.

12 All Black - Jungle Fever

"Jungle is about making music adults hate and kids love," the late Peter Harris of label and shop Kickin' Records said in this 1994 documentary. And the kid's did love it. Especially M-Beat and General Levy's 'Incredible', which took the genre from the underground to the Top of the Pops stage the same year this was filmed. Focusing on jungle's black cultural roots, "young computer genius" Shy FX features, as do UK Apache, DJ Rap, LTJ Bukem and Fabio. It may be extremely dated now but it's one for the knowledge bank if you want to be clued up about one of Britain's musical treasures. Find out why General Levy pissed off some of the key players, too.

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