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10 reasons Paul van Dyk is a trance master

From ‘For An Angel’ to his forthcoming album 'From Then On'

  • Harrison Williams & Sydney Jow
  • 13 October 2017
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The ​Berlin Wall 20th Anniversary Memorial

Having grown up in East Berlin before the fall of the Berlin Wall, van Dyk’s road to success is like a fairy tale. In 2009, he experienced a full-circle moment when he performed at the Berlin Wall 20th Anniversary Memorial, featuring a special track he produced in collaboration with vocalist Johnny McDaid titled ‘We Are One’.

Van Dyk discussed his background, overcoming obstacles such as the Berlin Wall: “It was a communistic dictatorship so I wasn’t able to leave the country. I never thought of anyplace. People always ask me, ‘What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you?’ Well, I just say look at my life. There’s this kid coming from this really poor background with a single mom in East Germany and I’m traveling around the world now, living my dream — making music and playing for all of these people all over the world, it’s the best thing. Nothing, not even Hollywood could come up with in terms of having thoughts or a scenario like this.”

His Greatest Comeback

Between the countless awards, dance music domination, star collaborators and record sales, Paul Van Dyk’s greatest triumph could quite possibly be his return to the stage in 2016.

In February of that year, the global DJ sustained a treacherous fall from an elevated stage at A State Of Trance Festival in Utrecht, suffering from a severe brain injury and broken spine. In the earliest stages following the accident, medical experts questioned whether he would remember his identity or even be able to keep his vital organs functioning.

After regaining consciousness,Van Dyk spent months in critical care and intense rehabilitation, forced to learn how to walk, speak and eat again.

Amazingly, June of the same year the trance icon announced that after an incredibly demanding journey, he would be making his return as EDC Vegas’ 2016 headliner.

Paul accredited his miraculous recovery to the love of his family and the power behind his purest passion, dance music, and his fans. His story inspired artists around the world and stood as a testament to motivation, willpower and devotion.

​Vandit Records

Founded by Paul van Dyk in 1999, Vandit Records is a strong supplier of trance and progressive house. With over 500 releases since its inception, an unprecedented catalogue, the label has released material from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Nu-NRG, Hardwell, Maarten de Jong, MOTi and the list goes on. It's influence on the industry is well documented.

Now, after making a comeback following the near-death experience, van Dyk said in an interview that his passion for his label is still strong. “So many things have changed, it’s probably easier to talk about what has stayed the same. We at Vandit Records still search and support up-and-coming artists, we do what we do because we love the music. For me the accident and its impact has undoubtedly affected me heavily, but I am still as passionate as I have always been about the music I love.”

Van Dyk's forthcoming album, 'From Then On', which has been described as his "most personal work to date", will be released on Vandit Records on October 20th.

Listen to the album's lead single via the music video above.