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10 love songs for the dance music lover's Valentine's Day

A collection of music for lovers, plus one for the loners

  • Harrison Williams
  • 14 February 2017

The raw emotion of love has been showcased in dance music since the first rhythms and melodies graced the airwaves. It's only natural - the feeling of being in love is like hearing your favorite track or that perfect sound, it takes over every aspect of thought and refuses to let go. Although, from a musician's perspective, conveying this message of love is not always easy. The top artists recognize this and, as such, pour their hearts into their craft so that listeners can feel what they felt when they produced it. With that in mind, songs about love stand out due to their intimate nature.

Just take a listen to Caribou's album 'Our Love' and it's apparent what producer Dan Snaith was trying to get across regarding his ideas about love. He shed some light on his vision in an interview with Grantland: "...I think, lyrically and thematically, I guess, the record’s kind of about the love relationships in my life — not just my wife, but also my daughter, my parents, my family, my friends. People close to me have been through divorce in the last few years, and it’s actually been good in the end. And my experience of all those relationships is they’re complex and rich and contradictory and encompass lots of different things; melancholy and happiness next to one another. It’s not just this kind of one-note simplistic kind of thing."

Love is definitely complicated, but what's not are these 10 tracks that seem to simplify the emotion for all to digest. Don't take Mixmag's word for it, just dive into this playlist of love songs below and it's easy to see what we're getting at.

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