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10 iconic Masters At Work moments

Masters by name, masters by nature

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 19 May 2017
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Pioneering the house remix

Of course remixing was already a thing in the world of dance music, and had been from the days of Tom Moulton through to Francois K and on to David Morales. But when they came on the scene, Masters At Work perhaps capitalised more than anyone else and helped mould the remix into a must-have accessory for any up and coming popstar. From Michael and Janet Jackson, through to Madonna and even Mel B, everyone developed a thirst for ‘the dub’.

It all started with the remix of Debbie Gibson’s ‘One Step Ahead’ on Atlantic Records. At the time, Gibson was the equivalent of Taylor Swift in the pop world but when MAW were done with her track they had a breezy, soulful house banger on their hands that Frankie Knuckles was playing out. Let’s see someone do that with a Selena Gomez track these days.

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