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10 iconic DJ Harvey moments

Dance music's last rock 'n' roll star

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 21 April 2017
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The weekend-long TONKA parties

With an ethos of putting the crew before the DJ, Tonka Sound System was a party collective that could only have existed in the inhibition-free electro-funk era. The wild parties spanned the southeast of England back in the 90s, existing now in the memories of reminiscent party people and archived rave footage. The crew also gave birth to Felix Dickinson's career. Harvey told The Quietus that these parties helped form his style of selection: "I’d been hanging out in Groove Records in Soho and I’d hear the latest Jazzy Jeff record and the latest Adonis record and my brain was going, ‘Can I mix these two together’ and I thought, ‘You probably can’, and I probably did!"

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