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10 iconic DJ Harvey moments

Dance music's last rock 'n' roll star

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 21 April 2017
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Finishing his set with a bang

Ever the performer, DJ Harvey is one of the most enigmatic selectors on the circuit and his 2010 performance at Meredith Music Festival in Australia is one of his most iconic moments ever. Like something out of a Black Sabbath dressing room, Harvey ended his set with a floaty disco number and a good old fashioned destruction spree. Seemingly annoyed about something, Harvey proceeded to smash his laptop, vinyl decks and anything else expensive in sight. Nothing was left but the table everything was sitting on and he stormed off stage only to come back on, take a bow, then leave again. Spare a moment for the people cleaning up after him, but at the same time you wouldn't see Ozzy Osbourne cleaning up the TV he'd just thrown out of the window would you?

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