Overmono announce new EP, 'Cash Romantic'

Listen to new single 'Gunk' here

Overmono announce their upcoming EP, which is due to be out in April via XL Recordings.

'Cash Romantic' will span five tracks, and includes their latest single 'Gunk' which is out now. 'Cash Romantic' will be the pair's seventh XL Recordings release.

Overmono stated they were inspired to create the five-track EP after discovering a box of old, varied mixtapes they had recorded as kids.

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As reported by RA, they said: "The tapes are a proper mess but there was always something about trying to get two totally different worlds to collide that stuck with us.

"After listening to some of these old tapes, we wrote this record and realised our heads are still pretty much in the same space as when we were kids."

'Gunk' was first played by the duo at a Joy Orbison party a few months ago, according to an Instagram post by the pair.

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Writing on Instagram they said: "We had a million different versions of this track we were trying to choose from. Played it for the first time at Joy O’s party a few months back and the reaction was insane.

"It’s mad the amount of time we spend in the studio completely obsessed with getting records to sound how we want when sometimes all you need is a little sound system and a lovely crowd to know that this version’s the one."

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'Gunk' has a slightly different sound to their previous records, as this track has a more acid feel to it which was previously more subtle on the pair's other tracks.

'Cash Romantic' is due to come out on April 8.

Listen to 'Gunk' below.

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