Skream drops new tune, 'The Attention Deficit Track'

He's teamed up with Jackmaster for his first single release of the year

Skream has dropped his first single release of the year - titled 'The Attention Deficit Track' - in collaboration with Jackmaster.

Available via CircoLoco Records, the track will be found on Skream's forthcoming 'The Attention Deficit EP', which is released on July 15.

Both the lead tune and extended 'Terrace Mix' combines Italian vocal fragments with punchy drums to create an upbeat, infectious record, setting precedent for Skream's EP.

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The track was the result of the pair "locking themselves away" in the studio to have a more hands-on approach to producing a track together. It was in the studio where Skream - real name Oliver - introduced Jack to the Roland TR-909, used in a plethora of classic techno records and by names such as Jeff Mills and Lory D.

“Taking inspiration from how Lory D uses and manipulates hip hop vocals in his live set we did a live take on the 909 with the sample using an oldBoss mixer and straight away felt we had something special in the making that was perfect for the Terrace at DC10," explain Oliver and Jack.

"Between the frantic nature of the arrangement, the madness of the dance-floor at DC10 and the 909 influence, 'The Attention Deficit Track' was the perfect name for the record.”

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'The Attention Deficit Track' also highlights Skream's sonic evolution. Emerging in the early 2000s in the dubstep realm, he has explored a variety of sounds to concoct a versatile soundscape associated with the moniker.

Jackmaster described Skream as his "best mate" upon announcing the track's release on Friday, whilst also teasing future collaboration, citing that "good things come to those who wait" and that listeners should wait to hear "what we have up our sleeves next".

You can listen to 'The Attention Deficit Track' from Skream and Jackmaster here.

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