New book released exploring the relationship between UK cities and club culture

You can get your hands on Jim Ottewill's 'Out of Space' now

A new book has been released which explores the intertwining nature of UK cities with clubs and clubbing culture.

'Out of Space' plots a course through the areas - sometimes unlikely - where club culture has found a home, exploring more widely known cities such as Glasgow, Manchester and Sheffield before delving into more obscure locations such as Coalwille and Todmorden.

The book is currently available exclusively via Velocity Press however goes on sale more widely on July 7.

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“'Out of Space’ explores the relationship between our cities and club culture, how it has evolved and the future," explains author Jim Ottewill.

"A key question I’ve asked artists, DJs, promoters and club owners is whether a place can still influence the sound that comes from it. Or, has the internet and online world blown up any of these distinctions?”

The book explores an arguably critical moment in club culture right now, which suggests that venues have began to "march to the beat of property developers rather than DJs", citing the further devastation caused to the clubbing industry during the pandemic. Since 2015, more than a quarter of UK clubs have closed.

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It forms a celebration of the resilience of clubs - based on "a lifetime of getting wide-eyed inside them" - whilst also proves to be an insightful read which embraces the vastness of UK-wide locations.

To promote the book, there will be a five-date UK tour, in which panels will discuss the various themes and topics within. It all kicks off in Glasgow on July 14, at Rubadub: author Ottewill will be in conversation with Sub Club's Mike Grieve, Night Fever's Mairi MacKenzie, Soundhaus' Lynn Macdonald and Monox's Dan Lurinsky. Entry is free and the evening will run from 6pm till 9pm.

Following this, the tour will visit Liverpool, London, Sheffield and Bristol across September and October.

You can get your copy of 'Out of Space' by Jim Ottewill now via Velocity Press. Check it out here.

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