​Aitch says Shaun Ryder agreed to be in music video for “four cans of Guinness”

The Happy Mondays frontman ‘croaks’ on the intro of Aitch’s latest track, ’1989’

In an interview with The Face, Aitch has revealed that Happy Monday’s frontman Shaun Ryder agreed to appear in the rapper’s music video in return for “four cans of Guinness.”

The cover interview detailed the rapper’s time working with Ryder, particularly on the newly released track ‘1989’ in which the frontman ‘croaks’ on the intro.

“I’ve [had] loads of nights out involving drugs, sex, fucking – you name it,” Ryder starts on the new track, released today. “But the great thing is I can never remember it.”

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Aitch then revealed that he attempted to get Liam Gallagher on board on his new record, ‘Close To Home’, in exchange for £7 million. The rapper also said he would wear a Man City t-shirt, despite his alliances with Man United.

“I wasn’t really gonna pay that,” he said. “I would’ve worn the Man City top. Only for 20 minutes, though.”

When Gallagher refused to partake saying he didn’t “wanna be on anyone’s album”, he turned to Ryder instead. “He said, ‘I’ll come to the studio if you bring me four cans of Guinness’,” Aitch told The Face.

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Shaun Ryder appears in the today-released track and music video, ‘1989’, which also features a sample from The Stone Roses classic ‘Fools Gold’.

“There’s not really been a representation of Manchester on a worldwide scale since Oasis and The Stone Roses, so it’d just be good to carry that on,” Aitch told The Face.

Manchester’s Aitch announced his debut album, ‘Close To Home’, yesterday. The record lands via Capitol on August 19, and has been described as “a love letter to the city which shaped him”.

Read the cover interview here.

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