BridgeFire launches in South Africa to accelerate 10 young musicians within the industry

The three-day programme is partnered with Defected Records, Bridges for Music, Nando’s and more

A three-day programme is launching in Johannesburg, South Africa, next week, with the aim to uplift young creative talent in the country.

Running from September 29 to October 1, Flame Studios and Bridges for Music Academy are hosting ten young musicians to engage with high-profile mentors within the industry, in order to hone their talent to the highest level.

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The Bridges for Music Academy - a non-profit organisation which aims to positively impact disadvantaged communities and help to raise global awareness about local issues - have curated and will deliver the three days, with Flame Studios providing a recording facility and production expertise to the ten students.

Mentors include Simon Dunmore and Sef Kombo of Defected Records, as well as those closer to home such as Jarrad Tregar of Jet Black, one of South Africa’s leading booking agencies. There will be practical workshops, sessions on branding and live performances, but also discussions on mindfulness and mental health.

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Head Mentor of the aptly-named BridgeFire project is music journalist and creative strategist Shiba Melissa Mazaza. On the programme, she says: “From Master KG to DJ Lag, Elaine and Msaki, it’s clear that South Africa has the secret sauce when it comes to making great music, but so few have the knowledge to define success, let alone navigate the path toward success of their own kind. At Bridgefire we aim to meet these artists where they are; to help them embrace their uniqueness and gain some savvy in both professional and personal life, while showing the world what the future of music in South Africa could be”.

You can find more information on BridgeFire here.

Niamh Ingram is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor, follow her on Twitter