04 March 2013
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Freeform Five (pictured) feat Juldeh Camara
Weltareh (Eskimo)

On first listen you’ll probably be wondering who this samples. But you won’t get far, as every part of it is played live. Freeform Five’s Anu gets to work on a Fulanese riti (a one-string violin) and a kologo (made from cow hide and fishing line) while the vocal comes courtesy of legendary Gambian griot Juldeh Camara. The tune has a rolling, ethnic folk-funk feel with a hi-hat sharp enough to prick your finger. For those who never dug the whole ‘Yeke Yeke’ vibe, Prins Thomas turns in a 10-minute club mix with an organic, stripped-back sound. The first half’s all about funk horns before Prins showcases the riti in all its full glory six minutes in. Epic.
Download here

The Deadstock 33s
Underneath The Pines (Disco Bloodbath dub) (Gomma)

Justin Robertson and Stopmakingme’s Deadstock 33s debut album out March 1 includes disco weirdness like ‘Monty Dance’ and ‘The Circular Path’. However, it’s the Disco Bloodbath dub of first single ‘Under The Pines’ that has proved a winner at disco nights over the last month or so. Reminiscent of Magazine 60’s ‘Don Quichotte’ (1985) with its chopped up, pitch-shifted vocals and cheeky synth beeps, a catchy walking bassline underpins the whole track, making it an effective modern-day groover with a nice little nod to the past.
Download here

£4£ (Principal Records)

Trippy use of breath samples, fuzzy synths and urgent strings give ‘£4£’ a certain Detroit beatdown flavour that fans of WOLF music will appreciate. ‘£4£’ has great use of sampling (is that the cheeky four bars of Mcfaddn & Whitehead’s ‘Ain’t No Stopping Us Now’ we can hear?) and the kind of rough, raw feel you’d expect from the likes of Theo Parrish. Keep an eye on this imprint, it looks very promising.

Crazy P
Remixed EP (2020 Vision)

Bonar Bradberry takes on the difficult task of remixing one of the strongest tracks off the Crazy P album, ‘Eruption’. There’s not really much you can do to a near perfect tune, so Bonar rightly doesn’t fiddle too much, just squelches the bass and alters the structure so that it’s over three minutes before we hear those epic piano chords. It’s a tasteful rework that you’d definately give a spin. Elsewhere, Wolf + Lamb tackle ‘We Can Only Be’ and deliver a laid-back slice of soulful nu-disco.
Download here

Emilie Nana
Like You (I-Robots reconstruction) (Compost Black)

You have to wait for four minutes before the massive synth riff drops, but it’s precisely because this tune has nothing but a bassline and some atmospheric percussion for the first half that you appreciate the riff it so much more when it finally makes an appearance. I-Robots is Gianluca Pandullo, a man who has been involved in the scene since the early 80s: he really knows his shit. A sophisticated track that makes more sense in a club than on the headphones, this is one for DJs who still appreciate a bit of ebb and flow in their sets.
Download here

Vôs-sâkô-rv (Todd Terje edit) (Feedelity / smalltown supersound)

Todd Terje takes the second release from the ‘Smallhans’ album and beefs it up a little, moves a few parts around and puts it trough the ‘Terje effect’. Massive difference? Not really. But there are
only 1000 copies on vinyl! Quick, order your copy from Piccadilly Records or forever have egg on your face!
Download here




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