24 June 2013
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Losing You (Roche Musique)

Two best friends from Paris, both born in 1986 and DJing together since 2004, release their first single on Roche Musique, probably best known for its artist Kartell. ‘Losing You’ is a highly contagious, French filtered-sounding disco number with a solid male vocal. It’s reminicient of Plaisir de France productions on PRO-ZAK: and it’s certainly both a plaisir and uplifting to listen to. Fans of Tiger & Woods will eat this up like a District 9 prawn scoffs cat food.
Download here

Earl Jeffers
The Goose (White)

They’re all at it! But it’s inevitable that after the move from dubstep to 90s house the ‘bass music’ generation would consequently discover disco. Of course, they’ll all claim to have been into it forever – but in this case Earl Jeffers, aka Chesus from Ten Thousand Yen, actually has history. ‘The Goose’ is a simple affair: a Roy Ayers sample chopped, looped and backed by a pummelling kick. Job done. Sneak would be proud.

All About Youx EP (Soul Clap Records)

Remember the BBE compilation from Kon & Amir that featured such disco classics as ‘Round Robin’ and Brimstone’s ‘Plenty Good Lovin’? This is that Kon. He’s a true disco aficionado, having been spinning in clubs since the mid 80s, and part of the ‘inner circle of trust’ of multi-
track collectors privy to the originals of many a sought- after disco classic. On ‘Love Youx Forever’ he takes the obvious Patrice Rushden ‘Forget Me Not’ but subtly weaves it into a deep. nu-disco gem. The horns and rhodes on ‘Love Youx (Don’t)’ are like a mesmerising colab between Crown Heights affair and Candidio. Nick Monaco and Night Plane bring the remixes on this standout EP.
Download here

JKriv & Lou Teti
Ditar (Tigers On A Leash)

The original of ‘Ditar’ is the sort of music elevators should play. We love it as it’s fun, quirky, slightly comical and strangely uplifting (and would also be perfect for a Mario game). JKriv & Lou Teti wrote it over 10 years ago, but it was only when Fiori came along and turned it into a slo-mo deep groover complete with Julian Peterson on vocals that they decided to release it. Mood-wise it’s the opposite of the original, but with its emo vocal and grainy chords, it’s arguably even better...
Download here

Ace Neptune (Brilliantine)

An epic synth riff with a similar melody to Alan Braxe’s and Fred Faulke’s ‘Palladium’ is just a small part of this constantly evolving, analogue synth bass driven, melodic gem. With the sort of breakdown you can completely lose yourself in, and chunky drums, it’s no wonder this is being caned by the likes of Cosmo Vitelli and Moullinex. What’s more, Jokers Of The Scene turn in a cleanly produced, driving remix for house sets.
Download here

Boris Midney
I Feel Delight (Harmless)

Once again, the Disco Recharge series unearths
a forgotten classic: Boris Midney’s ‘Companion’. It’s a relatively rare album that was released in 1981 on French label Barclay because it wasn’t wanted by US labels in the post-disco backlash. The most celebrated tracks tend to be ‘Living Up To Love’ and ‘Step On Out’. However, it’s the less ‘disco-dancefloor’-orientated ‘I Feel Delight’ that, 30 years on, has the tacky charm and funk to continue his legacy.
Download here




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