KATY B By Tim Rudall

18 December 2012
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Kathleen Brien has come far since her debut release, ‘Katy On A Mission’ topped the dance chart with Rinse FM support and co-production from Benga. Braving an outdoor arena in sparkling hotpants, the pint-sized soulstress descends in a blaze of light to deliver an accomplished performance, reminding the Brighton crowd of her impressive assault to date, ‘Broken Record’, ‘Louder’ and the anthemic ‘Beautiful Stranger’ bringing summer vibes to an autumn festival. With a session drummer and band some tracks do lack gusto without euphoric synths and throbbing basslines, but the live percussion and guitars give her songs new space and context. Luckily for bass-heads, DJ Miles stokes the rave fire halfway through with modern garage and dubstep classics, whipping stragglers into shape while Katy stands nearby throwing them. Shortly after, MC Tippa rides the girl-power undercurrents of ‘Easy Please Me’, shouting “Ladies, join Katy on stage!” and unleashing tangible panic from the sound crew as the ladies oblige. ‘Lights On’ is a superb encore, and despite the daylight, a very apt finale.




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