TOSCA By James Lawrence

06 January 2013
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Released three months into the new millennium, the stoner-lounge classic ‘Suzuki’ undoubtedly remains the definitive opus in Tosca’s two decade-spanning legacy. Since then, Richard Dorfmeister’s collaborative mantle with pianist Rupert Huber has spawned a succession of patchy albums for the Berlin-based !K7 imprint. ‘Odeon’s 13 downtempo compositions aim to express the cultural colour of the duo’s home town of Vienna. Tranquil instrumentals such as ‘Zur Guten’, ‘Soda’, ‘Bon Jour’ and ‘Ende Mai’ go some way towards achieving this goal, but once again, a Tosca album falls victim to a slew of jaunty vocal-led inclusions. Sticking with a winning formula can be commendable, but this is pales in comparison with past glories.

File under Chasing the high
Download ‘Zur Guten’, ’Ende Mai’
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