BOYS NOIZE By Seb Wheeler

THE REMIXES 2004- 2011
25 January 2012
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It’s not hard to believe that Boys Noize has been in the game for the best part of a decade. Hamburg-born Alexander Ridha has worked tirelessly to craft a unique sound, a stunning live show and an independent record label that releases the best forward-thinking electro in the business.

On top of that, some of his tunes are so seminal that you can easily remember exactly where you were the first time you heard them. That’s especially true of his remix work, where his talent for making monumental bangers comes into full effect. Who hasn’t been in a club and melted into loved-up bliss upon hearing his version of Feist’s ‘My Moon, My Man’ and Cut Copy’s ‘Lights & Music’? Or gone nuts for the solid stomp of his rendition of Kaiser Chief’s ‘Everyday I Love You Less and Less’ or Daft Punk’s ‘End of Line’?

Now, as he enters his eighth year of releasing records, the enigmatic producer has compiled his greatest remix hits into a double disc set that ensures all of those peak-time dancefloor moments never get lost. Killer interpretations of contemporaries such as Justice, Para One and Sébastien Tellier, as well as outsider pop acts Gonzales, Charlotte Gainsbourg and, amazingly enough, David Lynch, have been collected. In fact, the whole spectrum of Boys Noize’s sound is included within, from blissful house to stomping electro to distorted techno, showing just how he has managed to destroy soundsystems the world over since 2004.

And while many dance music trends have come and gone in that time, the brilliance of Boys Noize has remained the same. A well-timed stopgap until his next album drops later in the year, ‘The Remixes’ is a fine testament to his superior mixing skills.

Download one of the tracks from the album from our MP3 blog here.




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