31 December 2012
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Who Chris Malinchak, dreamy 36-year-old house producer
Sounds like Uplifting piano-led house with sultry-sweet vocals

Chris Malinchak is a man who likes doing things. So much so that it took the biggest storm ever to hit the East Coast of America to stop him. The day after Hurricane Sandy wreaked its passage of destruction through New York City and its surrounding areas, Chris spoke to us from the roof of his New Jersey home – the only place he could get phone signal.

“I’ve had such a prolific few months but I’m going to stop for a little while. Trees were falling like matchsticks. The power could be out for three weeks!” he said.

Malinchak rose to prominence through a series of irresistible house tracks released free on Soundcloud. And the online hype has bubbled over when Pete Tong made his latest release ‘So Good To Me’ his Essential Tune of the Week.

Chris’s dalliances with music began long ago when he took up the piano at the tender age of three. When his parents saw he had an ability beyond his age they sought a teacher, and soon Chris was tackling the likes of Chopin.

“I was so captivated by the piano I’d wake up around midnight when I was four and go downstairs and start playing,” he tells us.

Music remained a constant throughout High School and his 20s, but it was when he met French Express boss Leon and started putting out music on his label that the wheels really fell into motion.
With a stream of near perfect house tunes emanating from his Soundcloud page and plans to head to the UK soon, Chris’s star looks set to rise. Let’s just hope they get the power back on...

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