YAMAHA NX-50 By Curtis Moldrich

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28 January 2013
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Designed to give your PC or television’s own speakers added weight and authority, the Yamaha NX-50’s offer quality sound on a budget.

Easily connected to your existing gear via mini jack audio cable, the NX-50’s 14 watt active speakers lend decent punch to movies and games - perfect for First Person Shooters or high octane Blockbusters.

Throw in extra features such as Auto Standby,  compatibility with TV’s, PC’s, Smartphones and Tablets as well as Auto Mix - and the NX-50’s are a simple and effective bit of kit. 

Although not in the same league as Yamaha’s own Soundbars or multi-speaker home cinema systems, the compact NX50’s offer a cheap, simple way to give your media a boost.

The NX-50’s are available in Orange, Purple, Silver or White for £100. 

Yamaha | £100




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