RHA MA450I By Curtis Moldrich

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22 November 2012
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Featuring 10mm drivers that deliver a stated 16 - 22,000Hz range, the MA450i’s promise a wide spectrum of sound - and they deliver. Rumbling lows are well represented, making sub-heavy tracks sound full and alive, whilst a punchy midrange and clear high-end make for intricate and dynamic listening. 

Sporting earbuds made from aircraft grade aluminium, custom ear tips and fabric braided reinforced cords, the MA450i's  keep the majority of background noise out and also exude quality - that is until you get to the in-line 3 button remote. 

Allowing users to make calls as well as change the volume of tracks on the go, the remote has plastic feel, betraying the  MA450i’s very modest £39.95 cost.

Despite build quality which falls slightly short of more expensive models, the MA450i's more than make up for it with great sound at a very affordable price - ideal for upgrading from standard Apple headphones.

RHA | £39.95 




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