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30 September 2011
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The DJs Choice
Pioneer HDJ-1000

Pioneer’s HDJ-1000s weigh in with the heavyweights of the headphone pack and line-up alongside fellow champion DJ cans like AKG’s K 181 and Sennheiser’s 25-SP II. All three models occupy territory suitable only for the dead serious disc spinner or audiophiles with very deep pockets and as such these are the best of the best. But it has to be said that only the HDJ-1000s are fit enough to take the crown.

It’s the design and general feel of the HDJ-1000s that set them at a cut above the rest. Unlike the 25-SP IIs, which are too delicate for more boisterous DJ sessions, the HDJ-1000s are a tough, durable model with sleek, streamlined good looks. And they are perfectly weighted and come with a snug fit, which is more than can be said for the skull crushing K 181s which can’t be worn for longer than an hour and are unbearable for personal listening when not in the booth.

But while looks can kill and comfort is of the utmost importance, it’s the sound that really counts and that’s where the HDJ-1000s really deliver. With a range of 5-30,000 Hz, the sub bass frequencies are deep, warm and lush and the high frequencies are crisp, clear and just the right kind of sharp. No sounds are unbearable and a beautiful sonic equilibrium is achieved.

Perfect for amateur DJs looking to bag a pair of high quality cans or seasoned pros searching for headphones that meet high demands, the HDJ-1000s are an excellent investment that is guaranteed to deliver.





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