NI MASCHINE MKII By Curtis Moldrich

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21 February 2013
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Designed by the same company that brought us Traktor, Native Instruments' Maschine offers a great alternative way to make beats. 

A combination of dedicated hardware and software, Maschine combines the intuitive, tactile feel of drum machines and samplers with a wealth of included synths and samples - perfect for those who shy away from a mouse and keyboard. 

At the core of Maschine is the included software. Using a block based / sequencer  system and a range of presets, tracks can often come together as fast as your inspiration - but a treasure trove of sound effects awaits those willing to scratch the surface. Easy to repeat sections or demo new patterns, Maschine encourages tinkering and drum based tracks, perfect for those who fancy themselves as the next AraabMuzik or Baauer. 

The second part of equation, Maschine’s included hardware is equally intuitive. Featuring the same build quality as the Traktor S4 and S2, the controller is also hefty enough to take even the most overzealous button-bashing, and interchangeable faceplates allow users to give each unit their own unique spin. 

A one stop shop for those making Trap/Bass Music, Maschine is also worth checking out for producers of any genre. Featuring a seamless workflow, great included software and the ability to be used with other DAW’s, Maschine is a versatile bit of kit for £495

Check out the video below to see how it was used to create Kendrick Lemar's Sherane.




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