LOGITECH UE9000 By Curtis Moldrich

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27 February 2013
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Sitting at the top of Logitech’s range of headgear, the UE9000’s are the the company’s flagship answer to the likes of Sony’s MDR-RBT’s.

Featuring a subdued colour scheme coupled with large on-ear cups, the UE9000’s are imposing but not as obnoxious as the likes of Dr Dre Beats. Offering Bluetooth connectivity as well as noise cancelling and the ability to take calls, the UE9000’s pack in all the bells and whistles you’d expect from headphones in this price band.

Luckily, the Logitechs also show their worth in sound performance. Not a choice for sound purists or audiophiles, the UE9000’s boast skull shattering bass - but other frequencies aren’t neglected. Highs are crystal clear, but the midrange can often be overwhelmed by the massive low-end.

Offering good sound performance and impressive battery life, the Logitech UE9000’s are great headphones - until compared to the likes of Sony’s MDR-RBT’s. Logitech’s flagships offer admirable sound and tick many useful boxes - but for the money they could be better.

Logitech | £299




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