KORG NANOKEY 2 By Curtis Moldrich

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13 June 2012
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Although known for their full sized keyboards and music making gadgets such as the Kaossiltaor 2, Korg also offer the practical NanoKey 2. 

Its predecessor was viewed as a life-saver for producers on the go, and the Nano Key 2 once again provides most of the freedom of a full-sized keyboard - but at a fraction of the cost and space.

 A stylish, slender device, the all plastic NanoKey 2 gets around its small size through the use of some intuitive, LED lit buttons, whilst connecting is as simple as plugging in the included USB cable.

 The original NanoKey was often criticized for feeling flimsy and cheap, but this time round, the NanoKey 2 features solid keys and confidence inspiring build quality.

A bargain at under £50, the NanoKey2 is a must for bedroom beat-makers and professional producers alike. 

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