KLIPSCH IMAGE ONE By Curtis Moldrich

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24 July 2013
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A brand that needs no introduction, Klipsch is already known for its high-end in-ears. However, the Image ONE sees one of the audiophile community’s favourite brands take a step into the Bluetooth headphone market. 

Designed to be the perfect commute tool, the Image ONE’s promise legendary Klipsch performance with practicality - even down to their foldable frame. Lacking the premium, machined feel of some of the brand's other products, these do look somewhat cheaper than their £199 price point. Shiny black plastic is used throughout, whilst like most Bluetooth headsets the Image ONE's also boast on ear call and playback controls - as well as a Cyberman-like flashing light. 

However, it’s not just looks that count, and in day to day performance the Image ONE's certainly deliver. Despite its somewhat cheap materials, the Image ONE is extremely sturdy, putting just enough pressure on your ears to make a tight but comfortable fit. As well allowing for long periods of use, the snug fit also prevents unwanted sound from leaking in and out - so you can enjoy your music wherever you are. Charged via USB, the Image ONE’s will be able to provide your journey with a soundtrack for a few days before needing a recharge. 

Delivering defined mids and a healthy amount of clarity, the Image ONE’s don’t feature the glassy high end of some of the other Klipsch models, but they do pack a low end punch.

Good for all round listening the Image ONE’s perform well - but they really come in to their own on the go.

Klipsch | £199




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