BOWERS & WILKINS P5 By Curtis Moldrich

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07 February 2013
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Combining real leather with brushed and polished aluminium, the Bowers & Wilkins P5’s exude the same high quality feeling as the company’s range of high-end Docks. 

Featuring a fit that is tight but not uncomfortable, the P5’s lightly press over your ears for a snug fit - perfect for long hours of listening.

Build quality is also as stunning as you’d expect from a £250 set of headphones, with faultless machined aluminium and carefully stitched leather making up the bulk of the P5’s sturdy frame.

Delivering a balanced sound with masses of detail throughout the spectrum, the P5’s produce one of the most neutral soundscapes available for the money - highs are presented with glassy accuracy, whilst bass is present but not overwhelming. Despite their closed back design the P5’s also sound open and clear, allowing vocals and instruments to sound wide and natural.

With their in-line remote and closed back design you’d expect the P5’s are great for travelling, but these aren’t the best cans for the daily commute. Sound leakage is constantly a problem, and background noise will often have you reaching to jack up the volume. Couple this with a feebly thin cable and the P5's aren't a set of headphones you'd want to regularly use on the go.

Best enjoyed at home with a quality sound source, the P5’s deliver stunningly detailed sound and a slick premium feel - although £250 still feels a little steep.

Bowers & Wilkins | £250




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