AIAIAI CAPITAL By Curtis Moldrich

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20 August 2012
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AIAIAI already have a reputation for making stylish, high end cans and their TMA-1 in its various incarnations is already regarded as one of the best headphones you can get on the market. 

So, what do the Capitals bring to the table? Significantly less expensive than the rest of the svelte AIAIAI range, the Capitals weigh in at an wallet friendly €100 but still keep the styling of their pricier brethren. More utilitarian than ever, the Capitals continue AIAIAI's simplistic, stylish design and take their "form through function" ethos to a whole new level. Featuring distinctive grooves that offer adjustment and also a place to wrap the sturdy cord, the Capitals have all the hallmarks of another thoughtful AIAIAI product. 

So what's the catch? The cheaper price doesn't come for nothing - as expected the sound does take a hit. Rather then losing quality overall, the Capitals retain much of the clarity of the more expensive models, but lack the ear-shattering low-end seen on the TMA-1's and especially TMA-1 Studio.

If you're not bothered about extreme low end, or just want to leave your expensive TMA-1's at home, the Capitals represent a good way to get the AIAIAI experience for a fraction of the price. | €100




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