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05 June 2013
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On paper, these headphones seem to be a match made in heaven. Tiësto – a DJ that has been at the top of his game for well over a decade, performing to thousands in stadiums worldwide and producing platinum-selling records. AKG, a headphone company renowned for it's sound quality, robust build and innovative design.

But do these headphones live up to expectations? To find out, we spent a month thoroughly testing the top of the range K267s, using them to produce tracks in the studio, for DJ gigs in both a bar and club environment, and even lent them to fellow DJs to see what what they thought.

Sound quality: the K267s come with three settings – Studio, Club and Stage. These alter the dynamics and bass boost, meaning the 'club' setting is more thumping for loud club environments where you need a pronounced kick and clap to mix on. We tested them at our monthly party Mixmag Live, a loud, echoy warehouse environment. The noise cancellation combined with the crisp quality meant it was like mixing in a bedroom. Funnily enough, Claude Von Stroke was playing that night, and he was using... a pair of K267s. You can plug the cable into either the left or right ear, depending how you mix and they come with a choice of coiled or straight cable – a nice touch. What's more, over the past month our pair has taken quite a battering - dropped numerous times, placed on beer soaked DJ tables, crammed into bags. Apart from a few surface scratches, they're still performing as new.

The 'studio' setting has beautiful stereo width and separation of instruments for detailed EQ-ing and panning. The reduced bass on this setting ensures you won't be lacking those sub frequencies in your mix, and once again, the snug fit and great noise cancellation means that producing on a train or plane is possible. We'd always recommend using a pair of monitors for a final mixdown, but with the K267s you can get it near enough.

The K267s take away the need for two separate pairs of DJ and studio headphones, and while you may think £250 is a lot of money, it's a lot cheaper than buying two pairs. For the quality you get here, they're actually quite a bargain. And if you can't afford the top of the range K267s, there's always the K167s and the K67s – both of which deliver the same high quality audio – just without the different settings and the extreme noise cancellation of the K267s. Then again, if you're not a DJ and just want a great sounding pair of headphones for day to day use, chances are the K267s are too big for your style anyway, making the K67s the ones to go for.

It's evident that Tiësto has really worked with AKG to develop a headphone range that is ideal for the needs of any serious DJ / producer. In a world where companies are paying artists just to slap their name over their products this is refreshing, and probably one of the reasons for the headphone's success. Whether you're a fan of the dutch DJ or not is irrelevant....these cans are spot on.

Check the official video below or go to the AKG website
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