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Tomás Urquieta

Melodic melodrama in the club

  • Seb Wheeler
  • 30 August 2016
Tomás Urquieta

'La Muerte De Todo Lo Nuevo' is the title of Tomás Urquieta's new EP on Infinite Machine. It's the Spanish for "the death of all that is new".

It's a bold statement from a producer who deals in cutting-edge club music, one who's found home on a label that's more future-facing than most. But rather than look back or seek to freeze time, the seven-track EP (containing four originals and three remixes) razes all around it as it surges forward. As a note from Infinite Machine states, the record "seemingly oxidises the stainless steel of of-the-now club music in real time; seemingly demolishes its marble structures in slow motion."

Fans of artists like KABLAM, Toxe and Geng will revel in 'La Muerte De Todo Lo Nuevo', with its industrial sound palette, forays into ASMR and keen sense of melodic melodrama. Track titles like 'Distopía' and 'Incierto' will give you a further idea of the vibe, as well as the fact that M.E.S.H., Ziúr and Ausschuss are all on rework duties.

We've got the first play of the title track and we dare you not to be enticed 'n entranced by it.

'La Muerte De Todo Lo Nuevo' is out September 30 via Infinite Machine

Seb Wheeler is Mixmag's Digital Editor. Follow him on Twitter

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