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Relive early '90s rave with these classic Fantazia photos and flyers

Fantazia is celebrating its 25th anniversary

  • Dave Turner
  • 14 March 2017

Titan rave promoters Fantazia and Raindance are joining forces for the first time on April 1.

They take over the Old Crown Courts in Bristol, with the likes of Sian Evans, DJ Rap, Laid Blak, Dr Meaker and Easygroove representing Fantazia.

100 per cent classic old skool is the music of choice for Raindance throughout the day and night, with DJ Sy, The Ratpack, Billy 'Daniel' Bunter' and 2 Bad Mice playing.

There will also be room takeovers from Duvet Vous?, Unknown and Boyaka, featuring Trevor Fung, Tanith, Kenny Ken, Taxman and Nicky Blackmarket.

The event marks 25 years since Fantazia launched, a year which included parties such as Fantazia Takes You Into 92, Second Sight, Summertime, One Step Beyond, Showcase and a New Year special.

Fantazia's also promises its "biggest event for many years" with Another World on October 6.

In celebration of Fantazia's 25th year, you can read some memories from punters here and check out a selection of images and flyers in the gallery above.

See the flyer for Fantazia and Raindance's Bristol event below.

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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