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Premiere: Catz 'N Dogz journey on the adventurous 'Fire Burning When We Are'

The kind of tune you put on blast driving down the highway

  • Valerie Lee
  • 17 May 2017
Premiere: Catz 'N Dogz journey on the adventurous 'Fire Burning When We Are'

Catz 'N Dogz have returned to Berlin's Watergate Records with their upcoming compilation 'Watergate 22 EP #1', the first of a two-piece eight-track output.

The first EP arrives with two originals and two remixes on deck, the first of which titled 'Fire Burning When We Are' joins us early on Mixmag ahead of its May 22 release date.

As the name suggests, 'Fire Burning When We Are' is a lusty, slow-burning track that unfolds into a soundscape journey across a pattering house line. "We got to the studio after a long tour and you can really hear that we were inspired by our travels, watching the world from the planes and cars," the Polish duo explain about the creative thought behind the EP. "Lots of analog synths, 909 drums and analog bass. It's very emotional and powerful."

It's easy to feel the inspirations come through on the building, sweeping tones of the tune, a perfect dance floor peak or a track to turn up on full blast while driving late at night.

"When we work together in the studio we keep each other motivated and inspired," Catz 'N Dogz explains further. "It’s much easier to do things together and we keep the 'Fire Burning' in the studio."

The 'Watergate 22 EP #1' EP is out on Watergate on May 22. Purchase it here.

Valerie Lee is Mixmag's US Digital Editor. Follow her on Twitter here

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